About the firm

Who we are

Robles Miaja Abogados was founded combining the professional practice of highly qualified lawyers, with a reputation based on providing sophisticated, integral and excellence-committed legal services.


The firm’s experience in areas such as mercantile law, contracts, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, securities and antitrust issues is the result of our profound practice, study and dedication, which have allowed our lawyers to participate in some of the most important and complex transactions of our country and the region.

Our professional practice and commitment to the integral development of our lawyers, has enabled us to conform a team of professionals who have performed outstandingly on professional matters, are leaders in their area of specialty and are characterized by profound leadership ability.

Our profile

We are not, and we will never be, the largest law firm by number of offices or lawyers. Our goal is to be the alternative choice for solving our clients’ most complex and sophisticated legal and business transactions, with a genuine service vocation. Our aspiration is to provide legal services to the community, not to establish a money-making business.

Our commitment to studying and analyzing the matters in which we are involved is characterized for approaching our client’s concerns from a strategic, financial and business perspective. We specialize on deals which imply a specialized knowledge in legal matters and which require profound dedication, study and attention from our lawyers.

In order to accomplish our commitment to provide legal services that result in adding value to the client, as well as to meet the highest quality standards, our lawyers are intensively involved in the transactions and generally we do not attend matters of ordinary nature; we limit the number and nature of the transactions we undertake and operate on a partner-associate ratio below other of our colleagues. The reason for the foregoing is to provide personalized attention and involvement of the responsible partners in the relevant matter, with the experience and sophistication that the transactions require. For this reason, we are generally not involved in high volume transactions, since we prefer to transmit efficiency and added value services to our clients. Our firm’s profile has allowed us to have our clients’ trust and high recurrence; consequently, it is rather uncommon for the firm to participate as one-time disposable transactional counsels.

Our Work

Our work is focused in the result of our services, not in the resources used for such purposes. We understand that our work is accessory to our clients’ main objective and it is subordinated to their interests. We understand that persons and real transactions will always be the most important underlying factor behind each agreement, document, controversy, etc. Considering this perspective, we will always prioritize in analyzing the key substantive issues involved in a certain transaction, assuring not to distract our attention towards any friendship, relationships or businesses when procuring and defending our clients’ interests. The profile of our clients includes different types of entities, national and foreign companies, financial institutions, mutual funds, public and private companies, foundations and special purpose associations, including the main public companies of our country.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality is the ability to be equal, just and rightful in the treatment towards men and women, according to their corresponding needs. Our firm is convinced that both men and women should receive the same opportunity to become part of our team of professionals.

Pro Bono

We are convinced of our duty to assist our community, by providing high quality legal services to those who can’t afford them. Pro-Bono clients are our clients and, as such, no distinction is made on the time spent and the quality of our attention dedicated to activities of such nature and those from other transactions or clients.

The firm’s lawyers have a deep commitment with our community and contribute with their professional practice to the development of less favored sectors, culture, artistic activities, education and all sorts of philanthropic activities, by providing legal assistance to non lucrative institutions and foundations, both public and private. Additionally, we also provide legal services to financial institutions on the analysis and execution of legal and financial structures in order to enable social impact projects to be performed in our country.

Our Values

Our values are the result of the knowledge of the world’s most prestigious lawyers. The following code of conduct represents many of the values that were instilled to our lawyers in our professional practice:

Our Client: Our client’s interests are always our priority.

Law: We understand that law is learned by studying, but it is practiced by thinking, and that we shall seek to reflect that reason will always be the guide of our work.

Work: Our practice involves discipline and hard work seeking to serve our clients’ interests. We seek to maintain the quality of our work above the quantity of such.

Justice: By representing our clients we are aware that we have a duty before the law and justice, and we will always seek to comply with the law and its nature.

Innovation: We seek to be on top of the development of innovating ideas for the legal practice as long as such is within the framework of our values and principles. Creativity and imagination in every project that we undertake is our firm`s signature brand.

Our Size: We seek to be so small that our size allows us to preserve the basic values and principles of our firm and as big as to be able to serve, as possible, our client’s interests with the highest standards of service.

Honesty and Integrity: We expect to build a group of professionals who predicate by example the highest level of honesty and integrity in serving our clients, authorities and opponents.

Secrecy: We know that confidentiality with respect to our clients’ affairs is a fundamental element of the legal profession; we will never, under any circumstance, break the duty to preserve confidentiality of our clients’ affairs.

Our Professionals: We encourage our team to adhere to these principles and values and that our professionals serve as a solution to our clients and not as a problem. We are interested in professionals with creativity, ideas, commitment and professionalism.


Creativity and Sophistication: Added Value.

We understand that our clients participate in complex and globalized markets, which require personalized legal assistance, which is adapted to their real needs. This requires an approach that considers the global perspective of their businesses. Considering this, our lawyers’ renowned experience in the most sophisticated legal transactions has allowed us to actively participate on the development and endorsement of legislative proposals and on the main discussion forums and panels concerning new practices on different markets, particularly on corporate, financial and tax matters. We are convinced of our duty of providing creativity and adding value to our services and we believe that these activities, along with our experience in past transactions, will benefit our clients.

Services Areas



Corporate Law Securities Law
Mergers and Acquisitions Project Finance
Joint Ventures Finance and Banking
Corporate and Financial Restructuring Foreign Investments and International Commerce
Antitrust Electronic Commerce
Telecommunications Public Administration Transactions

Corporate Law


Our firm has a solid experience advising complex commercial and corporate matters. We focus in the structuring and management of groups of companies, as well as in their restructuring processes, and in planning defense schemes against investment and control takeovers.


As an additional activity to our specialized services on such matters, we also provide services involving all sorts of corporations, civil and commercial companies, as well as non-profit organizations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We have been involved in mergers and acquisitions’ deals of both Mexican and foreign companies, amongst which are the main and more relevant transactions performed in our country. In this area of practice, we provide legal services to different types of clients, such as individual entrepreneurs, family offices and large corporations, both local and foreign, .

The firm has provided legal services in mergers and acquisitions’ transactions, as a consultant to buyers and sellers, parties of different markets and industries, such as telecommunications, retail, infrastructure, energy, food and beverages, car industry, banking and insurance, electronic commerce and internet, real estate and hotel sector, transportation and logistics, amongst others.

We have also acted as consultants to financial and banking institutions that participate as creditors on leveraging acquisitions, and as consultants to investment banks which participate in transactions of such nature.

Joint Ventures


The active involvement of our lawyers in the most important joint venture and strategic association projects of the last years is the result of the firm’s reputation in this area of practice, in which we have acted as a consultant to both local and foreign clients.

Considering this, our practice in this respect combines the analysis of companies from the financial and legal perspective. Our lawyers also have a wide experience in drafting and negotiating joint venture agreements, stock and asset purchase agreements, IT transfer agreements and franchise agreements, among others.

Corporate and Financial Restructuring

The firm has a wide experience in sophisticated and complex deals involving corporate and financial restructuring; we believe that our way of integrating the financial and legal perspective of such situations has allowed us to be renowned by adding our own added value to those clients who encounter situations of this nature.

We collaborate with both debtors and creditors on the initial (financial and legal) analysis of transactions of this nature with the objective of structuring the most efficient way to solve the financial situation of the company and the viability of its business. We collaborate on negotiation and restructuring processes (including Chapter 11 and concurso mercantil) and drafting of documentation and agreements that enable companies to maintain their financial viability.



The firm has been counsel to both local and foreign clients on the main transactions in Mexico involving this area of practice. We have participated with our clients in the previous analysis of their transactions and businesses, in order to determine the legal consequences of such actions related to the antitrust sector.

Our lawyers have also been counsels in processes filed before the Mexican antitrust authorities involving transactions of different nature and in procedures related to alleged monopolist practices and to dissolve unauthorized business combinations.


We have represented some of the most important companies in our country in the telecommunications sector, as well as foreign companies interested in participating in such market. Our services have included representing our clients before Mexican telecommunications authorities and regulators.

We have actively participated in transactions concerning the granting of concessions on behalf of the Mexican government, as well as permits and authorizations related to the telecommunications sector.

Our lawyers have also been counsel to companies involved in other industries such as streaming, cable television and radio.

Securities Law

In this area of practice, we have been counsel to the principal public companies listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange and in the main markets of the United States of America, Europe and Asia, among others. We are typically involved in legal matters involving the offering of securities, including different debt instruments, registrated public offerings on Mexico or in foreign markets, as well as private offerings. We also have experience on a wide range of industrial, commercial and service companies, banking and financial institutions, as well as other organizations both local and foreign.

We have been counsels to investment banks and public companies on public and private placements as well as in public stock or debt tender offerings. Our lawyers also have a wide experience on counseling mutual funds and investment companies that operate in Mexico, including, in some situations, their relationship with the authorities and regulators in Mexico.

Our lawyers have had a relevant participation on the analysis and drafting of the regulation of the Mexican securities market.

Project Finance

Our lawyers have developed a solid practice in project finance, particularly on the electricity, gas, oil and telecommunications industries as well as urban and general infrastructure project, involving both public and private sectors.

Finance and Banking

In this area of practice, we have provided legal services to the main banking institutions of our country, as well as to financial companies of different nature, such as  fintech companies, non-bank institutions, insurance companies, brokerage firms and other financial institutions both national and foreign. We have also been involved in drafting and negotiating financing agreements, syndicate loans, and asset and liability placements on stock exchanges.

Foreign Investments and International Commerce

We have a wide experience in advising clients concerning their international commerce transactions, as well as in businesses that involve foreign investments in Mexico and abroad, including investments in regulated industries such as aviation and transportation.

Additionally, we have also advised clients in the incorporation and management of companies in Mexico which are subsidiaries or branches of foreign institutions, representation offices and other types of companies, in order to comply with the applicable regulation on foreign investments in Mexico.

Electronic Commerce

We provide legal integral services in commerce law involving electronic commerce and Internet and have advised clients in the drafting and negotiation of agreements concerning such matters in order to comply with the applicable regulation. Our lawyers actively participate in the legal structuration and deployment of mobile apps, mobile banking, software and websites, among others.

Public Administration Transactions

Our firm is also involved in providing legal services in transactions involving public bids entered into with Federal and Local governments regarding acquisitions, financing, leases, public works and related services. We assist our clients throughout the diverse stages that compose the process of public bids and agreements entered with the government, including among others, the study and analysis of the basis of such public bids, negotiating any related agreements, as well as in the resolution of controversies related with such assigned agreements.

Our Lawyers
Rafael Robles Miaja

Rafael Robles Miaja is a founding partner of the firm. His practice is based mainly in transactions concerning commerce law, securities law and international securities placement, purchase of companies, among others, as well as aspects related to the regulation and supervision of the telecommunications sector and estate planning.

Mr. Robles also has a wide experience in the finance and securities areas, and has also participated on diverse seminaries, conferences and studies related to the securities market regulations, philanthropy, civil law on the real estate area and telecommunications. Additionally, he has also participated on diverse privatization processes of public companies, where, in certain cases, the Stock Exchange has been used as the ideal vehicle for these purposes.

Mr. Robles is also Secretary to the Board of Directors of many companies in Mexico, both private and public.

Mr. Robles obtained his law degree from the Escuela Libre de Derecho in 1990. He also obtained from such institution a postgraduate degree on international business. Academically, Mr. Robles has been a faculty member of the top educational institutions in our country and has taught, among other subjects, Securities Law at the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Civil Law at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas, and has also participated on lectures and conferences in such institutions.

Before joining the firm, Mr. Robles worked as an associate lawyer on the firm Santamarina y Steta, S.C. from 1985 until 1994, and was a founding partner of a firm with other colleagues of Santamarina y Steta in 1994, continuing his professional practice.

Mr. Robles is fluent in English.

E-mail:     rrobles@roblesmiaja.com.mx

María Luisa Petricioli Castellón

María Luisa Petricioli Castellón is a partner of the firm. Her practice has been centered for approximately ten years, in the areas of Corporate Law, Mercantile Law, Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Banking, Securities and Corporate Finance.

María Luisa Petricioli obtained her law degree at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México in 1999. She also obtained her masters degree on International and Compared Law at Georgetown University in 2001.

Ms. Petricioli participated in the program of international associates of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP in its New York office from 2004 to 2005.

Ms. Petricioli is fluent in English and French.


E-mail:     mpetricioli@roblesmiaja.com.mx

Gerardo Pérez-Chow Martínez

Gerardo Pérez-Chow Martínez is a partner of the firm. Since 2011 when he joined the firm, his practice has been focused in domestic and international business and financing transactions, particularly mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, bank finance (including international securities offerings, joint ventures, venture capital, private equity investments, project and acquisition finance).

Gerardo graduated with honors from the Escuela Libre de Derecho in 2013 and obtained his masters degree on Corporate Law at the New York Univerity, School of Law in 2016.

Gerardo participated in the international associates program of Cleary, Gottlieb, Steen & Hamilton LLP in its New York offices from 2016 to 2017.

Mr. Pérez-Chow is fluent in English.

E-mail: gperezchow@roblesmiaja.com.mx 

Gustavo Rodríguez Aradillas

Gustavo Rodríguez is an associate of the firm. He joined Robles Miaja Abogados in 2012 and his practice has been centered in Commercial, Corporate and Securities Law, primarily in transactions related to mergers and acquisitions, banking & finance, capital and debt markets (both national and international), as well as regulatory and corporate matters.

Gustavo obtained his law degree, with honors, from the Escuela Libre de Derecho, in Mexico City.

Mr. Rodriguez is fluent in English.

E-mail:     grodriguez@roblesmiaja.com.mx

Jorge Jiménez Morales

Jorge Jiménez is a senior associate of the firm. He joined Robles Miaja Abogados in 2012 and his practice has been centered in Corporate Law, Securities, Corporate Finance, Banking, Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Jorge coursed his law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), in Mexico City.

Mr. Jimenez is fluent in English.

E-Mail: jjimenez@roblesmiaja.com.mx

Mauricio Camps Tapia

Mauricio Camps is an associate of the firm. He joined Robles Miaja Abogados in 2016 and his practice has been centered in Corporate Law, Securities, Corporate Finance, Banking, Finance and Mergers and Acquisitions.

Mauricio coursed his law degree from the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), in Mexico City.

Mr. Camps is fluent in English.

E-mail: mcamps@roblesmiaja.com.mx

Regina Ortega Parra

Regina Ortega is an associate of the firm. She joined Robles Miaja Abogados in 2021 and her practice has been centered in Commercial, Corporate and Securities Law.

Regina obtained her law degree from the Institututo Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Santa Fe, Mexico City Campus.

Regina is fluent in English.

E-mail: rortega@roblesmiaja.com.mx

Sebastian Reynal Hernández

Sebastian Reynal is an associate of the firm. He joined Robles Miaja Abogados in 2018 and his practice has been centered in Commercial, Corporate and Securities Law.
Sebastian obtained his law degree from the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Mexico City.

Mr. Reynal is fluent in English.

E-mail: sreynal@roblesmiaja.com.mx

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We appreciate the importance that our lawyers have and we are always pursue to build and keep a team of professionals focused on diversity, integrity, intelligence, creativity and dedication. For these reasons, our recruitment policy will never massive; we foresee to only recruit outstanding candidates with leadership, proactive and with a perspective to grow professionally on a long term basis.

Unlike most of our competitors, we are strongly oriented in building a team comprised by constituents with a strong professional commitment profile; we believe that our team members should be deeply involved in the client´s matters since their beginning in the firm, and we seek that they are able to provide sophisticated legal services with the highest performance level in the benefit of our clients.

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