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The level of responsibility and commitment that our lawyers assume, the complexity of the transactions in which they are involved and the close contact maintained with the responsible partners are some of the examples of the commitment and professional development of our lawyers on a long term basis.

Considering our areas of service and that there are no specialized work teams on our firm, we are confident that the professional experience and development of our lawyers will be self-motivated and that will result in perfecting better working teams.  

We believe that the importance and dedication that our firm grants to the development of its members and our dynamic form of making working teams, has resulted for us in having a culture of highly qualified lawyers, that develop on an enthusiastic environment.

Considering the reduced size of our firm and our horizontal working structure, our lawyers have the opportunity to assume a great amount of responsibility from the beginning of their professional careers, which allows them to have an accelerated professional growth and be valued by the firm and by the clients. Our main target in this respect is that our firm will always privilege the integration and success of the collective interest of our working team, above the personal interest of their individuals.


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